Trace Someone’s Whereabouts Without Them Knowing

Location tracking is one of the most common methods of control used by abusive partners. It is also widely available and unregulated by federal law.


Search for family members, friends and known business associates of the person you are trying to track online. These people may have a link to the missing person’s phone or computer that can be used to locate them.

Find the Person’s Last Known Address

There are many reasons why you may need to track down someone’s current address. It could be for work-related reasons, to find a long-lost relative, or just because you want to give them a surprise gift. Luckily, there are various ways to do so without them knowing. This includes using reverse phone lookup tools, social media sites, and public records databases. You can also hire a private investigator or a people-search agency.

One of the easiest ways to discover someone’s current address is by using a people search tool like BeenVerified. This service has access to public records and personal documents, and organizes them into readable online reports. This makes it much faster and more convenient to find a person’s address than trying to piece together this information manually.

Another method is to use a free international reverse phone lookup site. For example, Whitepages will show the names associated with landline phone numbers, and Cocofinder can display addresses (if they’re not private). If you know someone’s mobile number, you can also try a free reverse-lookup site called Zlookup or pay for a more in-depth search.

Lastly, you can use a people-search database to find out an individual’s past address. This can be done by opening a report connected to their phone number or name and checking the ‘Locations’ section. Here you can see all of the addresses the person has been connected to, along with the dates that they stayed at each location.

Find the Person’s Last Known Contact Information

If you know the person’s last known address, it will help you trace them more efficiently. You may also use their last name and birth date to narrow your search. Alternatively, you may check the website of their employer to see if they list their location there. You may also make inquiries at their local social networking pages, as these can contain information on their current location.

You may also try asking acquaintances. Inform them that you’re attempting to track down an old friend and inquire about their present address. As long as you provide them with a legitimate reason, they should have no qualms about providing you with the details of their residence.

Various government organizations at the local, state, and federal level keep personal data on individuals living in their jurisdictions. You may check the National Property Database, Death Master File, and voter records for more leads. Additionally, local law enforcement agencies have access to the same data and may be able to aid you in your investigation.

If you know the person’s phone number, you can use a reverse phone lookup service to explore a comprehensive database and discover their present location. With the Intelius report on the person you’re tracking open, click the “Locations” area to observe all locations associated with that individual and the dates they stayed there.

Track the Person Through Current Social Networking Websites

In this day and age, it is very easy for people to share information online. Social media platforms allow users to broadcast to their friends (and strangers, depending on privacy settings) what they are doing, where they are going and where they are staying. Many of these platforms also allow users to tag their location on photos and status updates.

In addition, these sites may make it easy for a user to connect with others through professional relationships based on common occupations and interests. This is especially true of networks that offer professional networking features, such as LinkedIn and Yammer. These sites may also provide a platform where users can connect with each other through videos and images, such as YouTube and Flickr.

These sites are also capable of tracking a user’s location through GPS or cell phone tower data. Even when a user is not sharing this information with anyone, their actions and habits on these sites can be monitored. This is because many of these sites collect a user’s browsing and search history to use for targeted advertising purposes.

This is why it is important to review a person’s activity on these types of sites. A free social media tracker can help a user do this. These types of apps can be installed on a mobile device and monitor calls, messages, social chats, GPS locations and email.

Look for GPS Location Markers

When it comes to tracking people, technology has many ways of keeping tabs on a person’s location. GPS is a popular tool that can reveal a person’s current position to others. This information is often used for marketing purposes, especially by big tech companies. Usually, this is done without the user’s knowledge and hidden within lengthy privacy policies and terms of service. Additionally, employers may be able to track employees on their personal phones for work-related reasons. Spyware can also be installed on a phone, tablet or laptop that tracks the user’s movements. This type of spyware cannot be easily removed from a device, but it is important to document suspicious activity.